ÅLAND Shibuya, ÅLAND, 2020.11.27

    We designed the first branch of ÅLAND, a designer concept shop representing Korea, in Tokyo Shibuya. ÅLAND requested a unique design that sets it apart from typical stores, as it was opening its store one block behind the Shibuya scramble intersection. They specifically emphasized the need for a giant hanger for clothes, an enjoyable browsing experience, and an overwhelming atmosphere within the space. According to surveys conducted for the Japanese market, Japanese individuals enjoying trips to Korea appreciate the distinct atmosphere of Seoul's streets compared to those of Japan. They particularly admire the winding streets and the protruding eaves of Korean houses and villas converted into numerous Road Shops, which are street-side stores. This insight naturally led us to envision the protruding eaves of roofs and the outer walls of buildings. We combined these elements to create the space, curating narrow or wide pathways resembling alleyways as requested by ÅLAND. We designed the space using ÅLAND's key colors, vivid blue and bright shades of gray and white. All structures were designed to share specific sizes, enabling modular assembly and disassembly. This flexibility allows for rearranging the layout by assembling or disassembling furniture as needed to alter the flow of the space.

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