Art Delivery, MMCA, 2022.8.24

    Delivery in Art" is an exhibition that explores modern society's "delivery" culture through the lens of art and art museums. It focuses on the relationship between the logistics environment and art, particularly in the context of the no-contact pandemic era. The exhibition aims to highlight various aspects of contemporary art by connecting the characteristic and popular activity of "delivery" in Korean society with art. The exhibition is divided into three parts. Firstly, it examines the public functions and roles of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) through the lens of delivery. Secondly, it showcases major artists and works from the 20th century, including Marcel Duchamp, who experimented with transnational exchanges facilitated by communication media development. Lastly, it offers a new interpretation of "delivery" from an artistic perspective through contemporary works that explore various connections between art and delivery. In this exhibition, delivery serves as a medium to highlight poetic contact points between art and society, encompassing physical movement, digital transmission, art distribution, and communication exchanges. By positioning visitors as exhibition delivery persons, the aim is to create a new way of communicating art and extending the exhibition's reach to more places through active participation.

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