In 2021, Lotte Mart planned a mega store to sell a variety of alcoholic beverages, including wines, whiskies, and sakes, based on its systematic distribution network. Lotte Mart requested a spatial design that facilitates easy product rearrangement while avoiding a warehouse-like ambiance. Considering a 1070㎡ area, the design incorporated a layout tailored to the product flow, considering the number of products and shelves. During the design process, the necessity arose to distinguish between single-sided and double-sided shelving structures. To cater to the mega-mart setting, where many customers navigate with carts in both directions, a significant aisle width close to 2000mm was essential. Consequently, due to limited floor space, shelving had to extend to act as partitions within the store. The Bottle Bunker, envisioned as a store to be expanded nationwide while maintaining a consistent atmosphere, required a cost-effective and easily transformable design. Therefore, a modular system capable of transforming into sectional, double-sided, or table-like configurations was implemented. The single-sided units served the dual role of being attached to walls or standing to partition the store. To ensure stable displays, even with dozens of wine bottles, thick iron structures were designed, incorporating ladder-shaped pillars to connect shelves and create versatile spatial arrangements.

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