DUFFEL CENTER, Anteok, 2019.3.8.

    The DUFFEL CENTER, operated by the Spectator fashion brand, is a select shop located in Jangan-dong, Seoul. This project involved renovating an old bathhouse that had been around for over 40 years. However, the building was quite dilapidated, presenting many challenges such as worn-out slabs from decades of water exposure and improperly constructed walls, resulting in misalignment between vertical and horizontal elements. Additionally, due to budget constraints, achieving perfect finishes was not considered a priority from the early stages of the project. Consequently, some unconventional methods had to be employed. For instance, terracotta was applied to the concrete walls for finishing. Spotlights were selectively used to illuminate key areas, reducing overall lighting levels. The diverse collection of vintage American items owned by Spectator played a significant role in enhancing the site's completion. However, given the strong individual characters of these items, a cohesive design was necessary to harmonize them. To address these challenges, solutions like using OSB panels for cabinetry and securing cushions made of Tyvek fabric to benches with cargo latches were explored.

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