ENERGY STATION 01, PNK, 2017.8.23.

    The group exhibition "Energy Station 01," which was held at the historic former Chungnam Provincial Office, a prominent example of modern architecture in Daejeon, served as CNCITY Energy's (Chungnam Urban Gas) inaugural project as part of their patronage initiative. It aimed to support experimental artistic endeavors and promote cultural engagement among local youth. Due to its status as a cultural heritage site, the building could not undergo any alterations or damage, necessitating a design approach that either leaned on existing structures or introduced lightweight installations. The interior design maintained coherence with the building's original aesthetic to avoid discordance. However, the screening room adopted a distinct visual language to counteract the building's perceived solidity and monotony, aiming for an innovative, suspended seating arrangement. This design strategy allowed for a novel spatial experience within the constraints of a heritage building.

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