Hotel Society (Oasis Pool Bar), Seoul Station 284, 2020.1.7

    At the multipurpose cultural space Seoul Station 284, which has restored Seoul's historical circular form, an exhibition titled "Hotel Society" focused on the theme of hotels. Collaborating with the graphic design studio 'MHTL', Seoul Station 284 commissioned us to create the ambiance of a resort or luxury hotel's swimming pool and cocktail bar. The space, designed by the architectural firm 'FHHH FRIENDS', featured a central pillar surrounded by structures resembling steps, evoking the impression of a swimming pool. We aimed to create a typical resort layout where guests could swim and access a bar. Subtle lighting was employed to softly illuminate the area, emphasizing the luxury associated with hotels and resorts. To achieve this, we installed a radial arch structure around the pillar to provide indirect lighting. Additionally, we arranged bar tables around the pillar for bartenders to prepare cocktails and serve visitors. To enhance the virtual swimming pool setting, we installed carpet with circular wave graphics on the floor.

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