OLASHACK, AIRMIX, 2017.8.31.

    'AIRMIX' is a poke restaurant operated by a surfer known by the DJ name 'AIRMIX.' His aim was to introduce the popular poke food culture to the public while indulging in his passion for surfing. Luxury wasn't a priority for the poke establishment; rather, it needed an interior design that authentically reflected the surfing culture it represented. The space was narrow and elongated with windows. Hence, we contemplated a design reminiscent of the beach scenery commonly seen by surfers, although we were concerned about it being too obvious. Nonetheless, we felt it fitting to naturally incorporate this common imagery into a poke restaurant. Consequently, we removed the windows and established an outdoor bar area where patrons could dine. This adjustment effectively addressed the seating shortage issue stemming from the limited space. Given that poke is primarily enjoyed in warm weather, we anticipated no operational issues with outdoor seating. Within the area traversed by the bar, we integrated the kitchen, window seats, and indoor bar seats, creating a space we dubbed 'OLASHACK.' Placing the kitchen at the center facilitated efficient space utilization. Despite the bustling activity of the staff in the center, the outdoor and indoor seating areas were strategically positioned to offer comfortable usage, with obstructed lines of sight ensuring privacy.

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