Seoul Focus 2018, SeMa, 2018.7.21.

    I participated as an artist in 'Seoul Focus 2018'. I received an invitation from the Buk Seoul Museum of Art to design a bench for the park in front of the museum. Rather than opting for a conventional bench design, I proposed a new approach. Typically, benches have wide seats and comfortable backrests, but considering that Koreans don't often sit for extended periods on park benches, I suggested a simple chair where one could perch. We were intrigued by the shape of bollards commonly seen in pedestrian walkways, which are structures that restrict access but seemed inviting for sitting. Therefore, we twisted and contorted the bollards to create various forms of modified bollards. Depending on the shape, they could function as chairs or stools, accommodating various usage scenarios, whether for prolonged sitting or brief resting.

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