Seoul International Book Fair 2021, KOREAN PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION, 2021.9.12

    We designed the exhibition space for the Seoul International Book Fair held in 2021. 'The Korean Publishers Association' decided to host the event at 'SFACTORY' in Seongsu-dong instead of its previous venue at 'COEX'. The challenge was to create a larger space than in previous years with a limited budget. To overcome this, we simplified the design by using two types of materials and standardized all structures to a single size. By combining structures of the same size, we were able to reduce labor and material costs. We introduced various changes to prevent monotony that could arise from constructing long walls or rooms. However, using only right-angled walls posed a challenge in conveying the nuances of a book fair. To address this, we incorporated curved walls with an approximate radius of 450mm at the bottom, indirectly representing the essence of books through their physical form.

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