THE 4th SEOUL BIENNALE OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM 2023, Seoul Metropolitan Government / ANNEX, 2023.9.1.

    The 4th 2023 Seoul Urban Architecture Biennale, titled 'Architecture of Land, City of Land,' envisioned the city's future 100 years from now. Our responsibilities included designing the 'Theme-Exhibition,' 'Masterplan-Exhibition,' and 'Guest-city-Exhibition' held at the Citizens Hall and the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture. Responding to General Manager Byungsoo Cho and the Seoul Metropolitan Government's request, we developed a 'recyclable module system.' Using horizontally connected pipes as the basic units, we enabled various forms and utilized stainless steel and tyevek without additional processing as the main materials. Initially, we proposed modular forms such as rotatable walls and stackable boxes to participating architects. They then suggested adjustments for displaying their work within the proposed module shape and limitations, leading to iterative design development. Finding alignment between artists' intentions and exhibition design context was crucial, emphasizing the creation of a flexible and adaptable module system rather than a rigid one.

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