What Really Matters Reference Room, What Really Matters, 2019.9.25

    WRM's reference room is a special space that stimulates the creativity of designers, focusing on books in the fields of visual culture, publishing culture, and humanities, including graphic design and photography. Although the space could have been beautifully decorated using inexpensive furniture, WRM specifically commissioned furniture design to ensure that various types of furniture harmoniously coexist with a consistent design language. Requests were made for basic furniture designs such as bookshelves, sofas, armchairs, regular chairs, and large desks with bright lighting to create a small library. This space is designed to be utilized as a small library while also being able to transform into a lecture hall by moving desks and bookshelves. Furthermore, the sofa cushions were meticulously crafted using Tyvek fabric to provide a texture similar to paper, enhancing the experience of feeling like being surrounded by books.

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